Medical, Dental, & Hair Salon Program for Adults with Autism

Going to the doctor or dentist can cause anxiety for anyone. However, for individuals with autism, particularly those who have significant sensory issues, this experience can be quite frightening. For example, these environments are often extremely bright and produce specific, yet unfamiliar smells, which can be overwhelming. In addition, many adults with autism do not like others coming too close or touching them, which doctors, dentists, and hair stylists must do.

While adults with autism have likely been exposed to these environments numerous times throughout their lives, that does not make the experience any less stressful. That is why certain steps need to be taken to reduce ongoing anxiety, helping individuals become less fearful in the future. The goal is to help these individuals develop coping mechanisms.

At the Adult Autism Center, we have developed a program intended to decrease anxiety in medical, dental, and hair salon environments through community partnerships. Our caring team and researched methods make all the difference, offering a process that encourages and supports our clients through any obstacle.

Dental program for adults with autism.

How Does the Medical, Dental, & Hair Salon Benefit Adults with Autism?

Like all of our programs, the Medical, Dental, & Hair Salon program is intended to help adults with autism live, work, learn, and play in their communities. Learning to cope with these types of spaces will help adults with autism develop skills that are transferable across a wide range of environments.

Clients will be able to practice the experience of going to the doctor, going to the dentist, and going to get their hair cut in a more controlled environment. These experiences can be difficult for individuals with autism, so by practicing in a safe space, they are able to visit these places outside of the Adult Autism Center without experiencing as much distress.

Curriculum Activities

Calming strategies and de-escalation strategies will be taught to help clients minimize anxiety associated with these spaces. Education will also be provided about what the space is for, what will happen, and what clients should expect in these spaces.

The goal here is to better prepare our clients, ensuring greater progress and independence. While there are general strategies taught, we consider each individual’s personal goals, creating a road map based on their strengths and areas of improvement.

Enrollment Information

Info About Skill Assessment

Placement Information

Goals and Growth for the Individual

Each client’s individual progress will be measured by a decrease in symptoms of anxiety when utilizing these spaces and when they go to their doctor, dentist, and to get their hair cut.

All of our programs focus on person-centered skills, taking into account each client’s unique behaviors, as well as their greatest strengths and challenges. The ultimate goal of this program is to create a positive experience while setting individuals up for the future.

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