Leisure & Social Skills Programs For Autism

Social and leisure skills play an important role for everyone. However, for those living with autism, developing these skills can be challenging due to physical, social, and institutional barriers. That is why at the Adult Autism Center, we have developed a leisure and Social Skills Program for Autism that allows individuals with complex needs to practice these critical skills in a more controlled environment.

Since many individuals with autism tend to spend a great deal of their time participating in solitary activities, our leisure and social skills training for adults with autism program encourages significant personal growth. The goal is to better prepare individuals for the world outside of the Adult Autism Center, helping them achieve greater independence and a higher quality of life.

What are Social Skills Programs for Adults With Autism?

Social Skills Programs for Autism is a psychological and educational intervention used to improve the skills that are critical for the social development and growth that the adult with autism needs. These skills help the individual gain confidence and interact better with those in their environment.

Social & Leisure Skills Program for Adults with Autism.

How Does the Leisure & Social Skills Program for Autism Benefit the Adult?

For the general population, interests are often developed over time based on exposure to new varied places, people, and activities. However, for those with autism, limitations in social communication can hinder this process. Repetitive patterns of behaviors and interests can also prevent individuals from exploring novel activities.

While focusing on leisure, our Leisure & Social Skills for Autism Program can help combat challenging behaviors. When individuals participate in activities they enjoy, they benefit from greater emotional satisfaction and relaxation. Being able to entertain oneself in a meaningful way can also help reduce stress levels both at home and within the community.

Leisure activities for adults with autism tie into the development of social skills, as adults with autism, can often more easily connect with individuals who share common interests. An activity can bring a group of people together who share the same passion, offering a sense of connection. In that sense, Leisure and Social Skills Programs for Autism open the door for increased social interaction.

Social Skills Curriculum for Autism

Staff will implement a modified “Superheroes Social Skills” curriculum and our Leisure and Social Skills Program for Autism.

In terms of leisure skills, we work closely with each individual to develop opportunities that best suit their needs and interests. These skills help adults with autism occupy themselves when they have free time. From reading to listening to music, painting to cooking, these activities can improve the overall well-being of adults with autism. That is why we offer such a wide variety of options.

These skills will then translate into everyday life outside of the Adult Autism Center, allowing individuals to discover new interests.

How to Enroll

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How Individuals Grow and Develop

The ultimate goal of our Leisure and Social Skills Program for Autism, like all of our programs, is to encourage adults with autism as they develop independent living skills so that they can seek employment, integrate with their community, and live a more fulfilling, healthy life.

Client growth will be measured based on the attainment of socially significant skills and increased engagement in activities. Each individual is unique, which is why our Leisure and Social Skills Program for Autism works with clients one-on-one. This individualized approach allows each person to reach their full potential, moving at a pace that ensures the highest levels of comfort and safety.

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