Vocational Training For Adults With Autism

Vocational training focuses on the practical application of skills learned. This approach helps bridge the gap between individuals with autism and the working world. Clients will develop core skills while exploring their interests and unique abilities.

The Adult Autism Center helps clients better understand their strengths and interests in relation to the available job market.

An adult with autism in a vocational training program.

How Does the Vocational Program Benefit Adults with Autism?

Nearly 42 percent of young adults on the autism spectrum do not work for pay during their early 20s. In most cases, individuals with autism experience a delayed launch into the workplace. Those who do work typically work low-wage, part-time jobs.

The goal of our vocational training program is to teach clients specific skills related to getting and maintaining internship or employment. The skills taught will be individualized based on the interests and opportunities available to each client. Skills taught will include applying, interviewing, social relationships with co-workers, how to handle disagreements, how to respond to feedback and job-specific skills.

Besides supporting individuals on the journey towards employment, the vocational training program also encourages greater independence, self-determination, positive mental health, and a higher quality of life. For some, making more money may be their goal, whereas others may be interested in meeting other people in their field of interest. Regardless of each individual’s unique goals, the Adult Autism Center supports self-advocacy.

Curriculum Activities

Instruction is individualized for the clients based on ability. Just some areas that our clients show interested in include mechanics, skilled crafts, business, food service, healthcare, and computer-related jobs.

Clients will be systematically taught vocational skills. Communication and life skills are also of great importance.

Our web-based curriculum is utilized to teach vocational skills as well.

How to Enroll

Skill Assessment

Placement Information

How Individuals Grow and Develop

Client progress will be monitored and measured based on increased independence in their ability to complete tasks. Some individuals strive towards self-employment, whereas others work towards supported employment opportunities. The ultimate goal is to help each individual reach their full potential.