Academics Program for Adults with Autism & Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Even when children with intellectual and developmental disabilities have an average or higher IQ and are capable of grade-level work or higher, they may face challenges in school. Academics is an area in which individuals with autism & IDD are highly diverse. Some do extremely well, some display average academic skills, and some really struggle. For example, select individuals may be literal thinkers, excelling in STEM-related fields. However, when assigned tasks that are more imaginative and require greater flexible thinking, they struggle. In other cases, an individual may be intellectually capable, yet their lack of organization skills creates ongoing challenges in regard to completing homework assignments.

The experiences an individual has in school can follow them into adulthood — and while these individuals are often more than capable of higher education, these experiences may hold them back. That is why the Adult Autism Center developed our academics program. Taking a more personalized approach to each individual’s academic goals, we help our clients hit key milestones and work towards lifelong goals.

Although there are now many great academic programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, educators were not always set up for success regarding the specialized needs of children with autism and other disabilities. We understand how intellectual and developmental disabilities can affect learning, which is why our person-centered approach is so beneficial. We address each individual’s unique barriers to encourage lifelong learning. For example, some individuals have a narrow range of interests while others suffer from attention issues. We understand the ways in which IDD can affect learning, developing programs that tend to each individual’s academic skills, interests, needs, and goals.

Academics program for adults with autism.

How Does the Academics Program Benefit Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders?

At the Adult Autism Center, we have developed academic programs that are tailored to our clients’ unique, individualized needs. The Academic classroom will be a place to continue differentiated instruction to increase independence across critical lifelong learning areas.

Our goal is to help them strengthen key academic skills so they can achieve their personal goals. We work with each individual to better understand the areas in which they both excel and struggle, developing a program that plays on their strengths and weaknesses.

Curriculum Activities

Staff will access programs from our web-based Rethink Curriculum. Clients will have the opportunity to advance academic skills in areas that will help them achieve their individualized goals. At the Adult Autism Center, we focus on personal growth — and our academic program is just one piece of the puzzle.

Skill Assessment

Placement Information

How Individuals Grow and Develop

How to Enroll

If you or your loved one are 18 years of age or older, please contact the Adult Autism Center to get more information. If you are interested in the academics program, you can discuss specific details with our staff. To better understand who you are and how we can assist you, please fill out our referral form.

Please note: Clients will get this programming if they are in the Adult Autism Center program.