Help Support And Donate To Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

In August 2013, our parent organization, Valley Behavioral Health, opened our first autism center for kids and adolescents. As we taught, supported, and continued to learn about the autism community, we noticed that there was a growing need for an autism center for individuals over the age of 21. Our goal and mission has always been to provide these individuals with the proper care and learning that they needed to continue to live meaningful lives. The Adult Autism Center went from concept to reality in a few short years, and opened its doors in the Spring of 2020.

In 2022 we expanded our services to assist individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, allowing us to further assist our community with unique programs.

Your donation goes a long way towards keeping our center operating, and continuing to provide services to the people we have committed to serve!

Spread Your Wings for Autism Acceptance!

Every April the Pingree Center and the Adult Autism Center celebrate Autism Acceptance Month by raising much-needed scholarship funds for individuals with autism and their families.

Thanks to advocates like you, each year we are able to provide support for children and adults with autism and help them reach their potential at the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning and the Adult Autism Center. Please consider participating in this impactful campaign. We appreciate all you do to spread acceptance for autism!

Help Support Autism Acceptance Today!

¡Extiende tus alas para la aceptación del autismo! Cada Abril, el Centro de Autismo para Adultos y el Centro Pingree celebran el Mes de la Aceptación del Autismo para collectar fondos de becas para las personas con autismo y sus familias.

Gracias a gente como usted, cada ano tenemos la capacidad de apoyar a niños y adultos con autismo y ayudarlos a alcanzar su potencial en la escuela de Carmen B. Pingree y el Centro de Autismo para Adultos. Por favor considere participar en esta impactante campaña. ¡Apreciamos todo lo que hace para apoyar la Aceptación del Autismo!


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FAQ: How Your Autism Donation Will Help

What specific programs is the money going to go towards?

Donations will go toward all of the programs at the Adult Autism Center. These programs include academics, culinary, library, agriculture, fitness education, home living, vocational training, arts & crafts studio, social & leisure skills, and medical & dental. All clients admitted to the program will receive pre-vocational and vocational training and education.

Why should I care about donating to adults with autism?

We established this center because we saw an unmet need in the community. The Adult Autism Center will be the first of its kind in Utah. This program will provide education and treatment for adults who need 24/7 support. After these individuals with autism turn 18 years old, they lose a lot of the support of state education. It is important that these individuals have continued services to help them progress and become as independent as possible.

Why is donating to the Adult Autism Center different from donating to other organizations?

The Adult Autism Center is a brand new program that will fill a gap in services and programs for the autism community. Donating to this program will help provide a service that has never been offered in the state of Utah.

How have donations in the past helped The Center?

Donations have primarily gone to helping our clients learn and grow via the programs we offer. Donations have gone to items such as iPads used for our clients to communicate with, classroom supplies, a greenhouse, new school buses, curriculums and books for our library.

Why should people trust that their money will be used in the way they desire?

We have always put donations directly into the programs to provide services for our clients. We take precautions and restrict donations to only be used for their intended purpose when a donor specifies where they would like the money to go. All donations are tracked by our accounting team to ensure we use the money appropriately.

Thanks to supporters like you...

Thanks to supporters like you...

We are able to provide support for adults with autism and get them the help they need at the Adult Autism Center. Please consider supporting this cause to help make the future of adults with autism brighter.

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We are always looking for sponsors and new donors to share the growth of our Center with. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us today.