Arts & Crafts Therapy for Adults with Autism

Art therapy has long been studied as a valuable intervention for individuals on the autism spectrum — for both children and adults. While art benefits social, cognitive, and motor skills, it is the sensory experience that makes crafts so beneficial for this segment of the population.

At the Adult Autism Center, we have developed an Arts and Crafts Studio program that will help adults with autism reach their full potential as they explore creative outlets.

This program offers individuals an opportunity to reduce stress levels while developing key skills. Clients are taught how to create various arts and crafts and when appropriate, specific skills that allow them to sell their wares at farmers’ markets and boutiques.

A patient in Arts & Crafts Therapy for Adults with Autism.

How Does the Arts and Crafts Program Benefit Adults with Autism?

The main goal of this program is to provide adults with autism an opportunity to learn leisure arts and crafts skills. We also encourage our clients to create art that they are able to sell at the farmers’ market, which supports the development of other critical life skills, including but not limited to social skills.

In that sense, this program allows adults with autism to:

  • Benefit from an alternative to verbal communication. Since one of the core hallmarks of autism is impaired communication, arts and crafts act as a powerful form of non-verbal expression. Many individuals with autism are visual thinkers. Expressing their thoughts and feelings through art and other creative outlets can provide a sense of relief and accomplishment.
    Be able to work on their social skills. In many cases, art therapy allows individuals to develop a bond with their therapist, as they are able to focus on the client’s artwork, reducing the stress associated with face-to-face interaction. Within our program, art is a facilitator in forming connections with peers. Group projects also foster greater teamwork and cooperation.

Curriculum Activities

While there will be many activities offered, they will be highly individualized and tailored to each individual’s personal skill level and interests. This program allows each individual to embrace their talents which is why a variety of arts and crafts activities are offered.

Some individuals benefit from a more structured program, which promotes the expression of ideas and emotions. In turn, these individuals are able to lower stress levels while learning new skills and behaviors. Others find that art therapy is the perfect platform when aiming to share who they are — it’s a form of self-expression.

A student enrolling at the Adult Autism Center.

How to Enroll

Those interested in our Arts and Crafts Studio program can speak with the staff at the Adult Autism Center. Please express your interest in this program and we will happily provide more information. The best way for us to learn more about you or your loved one is through our referral form.

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