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The First Autism Center for Adults

The first of its kind. The Adult Autism Center seeks to provide hands-on training and ABA therapy for individuals. These programs aim to focus on daily living, vocational skills, and more. Learn more about how our programs can help serve you and your loved one today!

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Adult Autism Resources

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Services for Adults with Autism

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Adult Autism Support

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The Future is Open: Expanding Services To Adults With Autism

In 1977, we started the Carmen B. Pingree center to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Since then, we’ve expanded our services to individuals 22 years and older with an adult autism center. Our Utah autism center is an extension of the Pingree Center. Providing evidence-based treatment to adults with autism in an effort to help them continue their growth and knowledge throughout life.

Autism Programs for Adults with Autism

Clients get specialized treatment plans based on analysis from a professional therapist. The treatment plans incorporate ABA therapy that helps the adult with autism learn how to function in their everyday and professional lives.

The skills the client develops are both verbal and non-verbal. These skills help the client with their ability to socialize, communicate, and any area where the client needs specific help. The Adult Autism Center has board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBA) that are trained to provide behavior analysis and research. Giving the students the most effective and up-to-date education.

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Utah Autism Resources

Over the years, our Utah Autism Center has seen a gap in the services and resources offered to adults with autism who are in need of significant care and needs. When an individual with autism reaches 22 years old, they lose the support of educational services from the state. Once they lose this support, the individuals and parents have the challenge to figure out the next steps. The Adult Autism Center can pave the next path for these individuals, by offering specialized programs and care from professional ABA therapists and employees.

Our Program List For Adults With Autism

Our staff is highly qualified and assists the individual every step of the way at The Adult Autism Center. We aim for these adults to grow and expand in the following areas through ABA programming and hands-on learning:
Home Living
Arts & Crafts
Social & Leisure skills
Medical & Dental
And More

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